Manual Testing

Production teams often refer to automation testing like it's the holy grail. But when it comes to user experience, there's no replacement for the human eye. While automated tests focus on repetitive tasks, manual QA testers come up with creative use cases and provide a lot more value. We develop and execute targeted test cases and find errors in your application before end-users experience them.

Functional Testing

We test against clients' requirements created at the beginning of every project. We work to ensure any applications are working as intended, thus avoiding functional errors and ilogical functional behavior. You will receive a detailed bug report together with recommendations and the detected risks.

Websites Testing

We test the web applications in different environments as users expect the same experience whether they are using Safari on macOS or Microsoft Edge on Windows 10.

Mobile Application Testing

We ensure that your mobile product will work smoothly after each update and improvement, helping you build a product that is stable, flexible and scalable. We deliver full-cycle mobile application testing services -from project evaluation to long-term application maintenance services.

Usability Testing

Our usability testing services allow you to discover UX problems and improve your product so that you could achieve what matters most-satisfied customers.

Integration Testing

We ensure every new module and feature plays nicely with others components or systems, to guarantee a smooth and uninterrupted work of the whole system.

Regression Testing

We run regression tests to check that existing processes and features are still working as expected and generating required results.

User Acceptance Testing

We play as final users on new module or features throughout your app before going live and assist business or SME during this phase.

Our Process

1. Review requirements

In the planning stage, we check what tests are needed and define a strategy.

2. Plan and execute tests

Then our experienced QA engineers design and run the tests.

3. Detect and report defects

As we go, we accurately log bugs and recommendations.

4. Retest after bug fixing 

Once devs fix the reported bugs QA engineers retest the failed tests.

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